Eli Manning: Flirting With Greatness


From Bryn Swartz / Rant Sports

Five years ago, the question would have been crazy. Nobody would have dared to ask it, because, well, it would have been a ridiculous proposal.

Eli Manning was nothing more than the younger brother of Peyton Manning, then a two-time Most Valuable Player and a Super Bowl champion.

But then Eli rebounded from a dismal 2007 season to lead the Giants to an improbable Super Bowl victory, highlighted by a last-minute game-winning touchdown to defeat the previously undefeated New England Patriots.

He produced his top statistical season in 2011, throwing for almost 5000 yards and 29 touchdown passes. In the postseason, he led the Giants to yet another improbable Super Bowl victory, highlighted by a last-minute game-winning touchdown to defeat the AFC’s top-seeded New England Patriots.

After eight seasons in the league, Eli has thrown for 27579 yards and 185 touchdowns. He’s led the Giants to the postseason five times, winning two Super Bowls. He’s played in two Pro Bowls and he has started every game since his rookie season (119 games in a row, the third longest streak by a quarterback in league history).

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  • Awards, HOF, mostly arbitrary because of the human voting element.  It is abundantly clear that the only QB in this era that is his team is Peyton. Eli has been great…I think I finally can join Deion in saying I  believe, but the Giants are still winners as much because of their defensive line as any reason.  The Giants don’t win shootouts very often.  Brees and Rodgers are perfect examples of how football is a team sport and the QB gets too much credit/blame.  GB and NO had no defenses, and it cost them.  The Niners should have beaten the Giants.  If they had, does that change the perception of Alex Smith?
    Eli may finally have the receivers he needs to really dominate the regular season, but then again, if they don’t sure up the O-line, get a healthy secondary, a new running back and some semblance of a run stopping Line Backing corp., the Giants may go 8-8, not make the playoffs, and Eli is just Eli again.

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