Tollefson Brings His Giant Accomplishments to Oakland


Former Giants’ DE Dave Tollefson, who signed with the Oakland Raiders last week, held a conference call for the media today…

What’s it like coming back home? (Tollefson is from Northern California)
“Well, it’s awesome. To grow up here, I lived here for 22 years, to come back home where my mom, my step-dad are out here, my sister, my brother, a lot of my friends. My phone was blowing up as soon as this thing went public. It’s definitely exciting for me and my family.”

How much did it help you learning under the likes of Strahan, Umenyiora and Tuck?
“It’s huge, man. To be the best, you got to be around the best, to be surrounded by people that are successful for yourself to be successful. They’re a great group of guys. That period of time was really special. I just got here today and got my first workout in today. There’s a group of guys here that can play ball up front, too, which is exciting to see. I’m not quite an old, wily vet yet, I got a few good years left in me, but I’ve seen quite a bit in this league. We got a group of guys here that can do some big things, also. I look back fondly on my time with those guys. It was special, for sure, but you can’t dwell on the past. You got to keep moving forward and make it the future.”

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